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There is so much to do in and around Livingstone that it would be hard to cover it all in a single paragraph. Here are some of the attractions in Livingstone (for the action-packed adrenaline stuff, please refer to the Activities and Tours page). But don’t forget that this is also an excellent location for relaxing, sipping an icy cold drink, reading a book, and lying by the Pool!

The Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is often regarded as the most stunning waterfall in the world. With a length of 1.7 kilometres and a drop of 108 meters, it’s no surprise that people have been drawn to this natural wonder since its discovery. Zambia and Zimbabwe share it, and both countries should experience it. You can view Victoria Falls in all its splendour by crossing the border to Zimbabwe, or Zim as the locals call it. As a bonus, several rainbows generally emerge owing to the thick mist produced by the millions of litres of water that rush over the edge every second. Look for the lunar rainbow if you have a chance to be in Victoria Falls during the high season (April to July) and there is a full moon.

The Devil’s Pool

Victoria Falls is well-known across the world. Thus it is understandably at the top of many people’s bucket lists. However, because there are so many ways to appreciate the majesty and force of the falls, sitting straight on the brink in Devil’s Pool was the finest. Devil’s Pool, located on the Zambian side of the falls, is a must-see attraction. If, like me, you appreciate a nice adrenaline rush and taking photographs for friends and family. There’s no better activity for you. After swimming in the Pool, an extra treat is the eggs benedict breakfast you’ll have on Livingstone Island, a wonderfully delightful way to round off the journey.

Walking with Lions

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations. You’ll feel pampered here since you’ll get to handle the jungle, King. As a visitor, you’ll spend an hour strolling the lions through the African jungle, pausing for photos with the playful cats and learning crucial facts about the species. One of the finest aspects of this program is that all proceeds from the walks go directly to lion care and ALERT’s research to help repopulate areas of Africa with lions where they formerly lived. So you’ll not only get to hang out with these lions in the wild, but you’ll also be helping to better the destiny of Africa’s wild lion pride.

Moon  Rainbow

This amazing natural phenomenon will never get old. Huge rainbows erupt through the mist at night when the moon is full, the sky is somewhat clear, and the Victoria Falls are at their highest flow. The sound of millions of litres of water rushing down into the canyons below is stunning in and of itself. Jollyboys Backpackers organizes unique night expeditions to high water during the full moon (Jan-May). It’s recommended to plan a trip to Livingstone around this period.

Rapid #7 Atop the Gorge

There are many places to see the spectacular Zambian sunset, but this has to be one of the greatest. It is perched atop the Batoka Gorge, above rapid #7, with views of Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Zambezi, and the distant spray of Victoria Falls… where better to unwind after a hard day?

Snake and Crocodile Park

It is a must-see if you’re in the Livingstone region, especially for some great photos! The park is home to problem crocodiles (those that have eaten humans or animals) and a variety of deadly and non-poisonous snakes. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are feeding times, and it’s clear why these monsters command the river!

Mukuni Village 

Senior Chief Mukuni is interested in tourist marketing in Zambia, and his village offers a good opportunity to experience rural life. The settlement, located just outside of Livingstone, is home to around 8000 people of Toka-Leya descent. Even with a few tourists around, life continues as usual; nonetheless, oddities are for sale. Please do not bring freebies for the kids, although donations to the local school are always appreciated. Meetings with Chief Mukuni can sometimes be arranged if you’re lucky. Remember to dress modestly in any rural location (particularly if you are a woman) and to ask permission before snapping photographs. More information may be found on the Travel Facts and Info (Local Social Conventions) page.

Maramba Market 

Maramba Market contains about every form of business enterprise possible. There are rows and rows of stalls offering used goods (some great discounts! ), women selling fresh veggies and dried beans, heaps of chitenge, and places to mend your bike, sew your rucksack, purchase a bed, or acquire a toy made out of copper wire and a couple of bottle tops. The locals are used to seeing a lot of Muzungus (this market is frequently the finest stocked in town!) So feel free to go about and take in the ambience, but remember to dress modestly and seek permission before snapping photographs.

Livingstone Museum 

The Livingstone Museum is well-kept and interesting and should be included in every visitor’s itinerary. There are significant exhibitions concerning Zambia’s independence, early man, witchcraft, local chiefs, crafts, and David Livingstone souvenirs (donated by his family). There is also a small gift store at the museum.

Victoria Falls Field Museum is located in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

This little museum is constructed around a simple excavation site near Victoria Falls. The museum is dedicated to the early inhabitants of the area, as well as the geology and development of Victoria Falls.

Railway Museum

Railway lovers will like this location, but others should avoid it. There are rare steam locomotives on exhibit and information on the Cape to Cairo route.

 Zambezi River Rafting

One of my favourite pastimes was rafting down the Zambezi River. There are numerous rafting destinations worldwide, but none compare to the Zambezi. The Zambezi River is one of the top ten rafting destinations in the world. You can go on a full-day or half-day vacation. The whole day is highly recommended since you will see more rapids and will not have to trek out of the canyon at the end. The rapids are enormous, with the largest being a class 5. However, if you fall out, you have a 99.99% chance of survival. Because the river is so deep, you don’t have to worry about getting your feet trapped or banging your head on rocks. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to bond with fellow boatmates.

Game Drives

Most people travel to Africa to witness the incredible animals in action. As a result, you must take advantage of all the game drives available while in Zambia. Some will be overnight excursions into Zimbabwe or Botswana, while others will be half-day excursions. Early morning and late evening game drives are ideal since you are likelier to witness animals in activity before the afternoon heat sets in. In any case, you’re likely to witness some amazing animals and take the ideal image to remember it by.

White Rhinos 

Witnessing any animal in Africa is a memorable experience, but none is more memorable than seeing rhinos. Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park is home to nine white rhinos. These are endangered species that are frequently protected. The rhinos here are fearless and incredibly curious. When the young adults approach too close, the guards will typically assist in shooing them away.

The Marketplace

The market in Livingstone is a bustling site full of riches just waiting to be discovered. The key to having fun here is to be calm. People will continually pester you to buy their wares, like in many impoverished nations, which may be overpowering. Instead of becoming irritated, embrace the cultural immersion and unleash your inner haggler. Never settle for anything unless you can get it at the “local” price.

Sunset cocktails at the Royal Livingstone

After a long day of excursions, the ideal way to unwind is to sip a drink while viewing a beautiful African sunset. And there is no better spot to do it than from the Royal Livingstone Hotel’s patio. It is located immediately on the Zambezi River, just before Victoria Falls, and is the ideal spot to “unwind” and appreciate the beauty. But beware, the zebras are dangerous and will kick you if you come too close.