Botswana safari camps are accommodations located in the wilderness of Botswana, offering visitors a chance to experience the wildlife and nature of the country up close. They range from luxury resorts to basic bush camps, all offering the chance to view a wide range of animals in their natural habitat. Popular activities in Botswana include game drives, walking safaris, bird watching and bush dinners.

Popular activities in the Botswana safari camps

1. Game Drives: Botswana’s safari camps offer a variety of game drives that allow visitors to get up close and personal with the country’s wildlife. Guests can explore the national parks and game reserves by vehicle, or on foot with a guide.

2. Cultural Experiences: Many of the safari camps in Botswana offer cultural experiences that allow visitors to explore the local culture and way of life. Guests can take part in traditional meals, visit local villages and interact with the local people.

3. Bird Watching: Botswana is home to more than 500 species of birds, making it a great destination for bird watching. Visitors can spot a variety of birds in the national parks and game reserves, and can even take part in specialist birding safaris.

4. Water-Based Activities: Many of the safari camps in Botswana offer water-based activities such as canoeing, fishing and boat trips. These activities allow visitors to explore the country’s rivers, lakes and wetlands, and can often be combined with game drives.

5. Luxury Accommodation: Botswana safari camps offer a range of luxurious accommodation options, from tented camps to luxurious lodges. Guests can relax in their own private space and enjoy a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, spas and restaurants.

List of Botswana safari camps

1. Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge
2. King’s Pool Camp 3. Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge